Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy 8th Anniversary!

I will be the first to say that for some reason remembering our anniversary comes hard for me. If it wasn't for the fact that it was written on our wedding album many times I probably couldn't tell you the exact day. I know I got married in May but that is about it. This year however facebook kindly reminded me starting last week that my anniversary with Jonathan McPherson was coming up (I guess some people have anniversaries with lots of people??) and even told me what day. I was thinking about getting a babysitter and going to dinner with just Jon as a surprise but he doesn't get home at a dependable time and well I didn't. Yesterday he called me and asked me if I knew what today was and I could proudly say YES to which he responded I didn't realize it until this morning I am so sorry. I found out last night that celebrating our anniversary for Jon is important - almost as important for me to have fun parties for birthdays - so we are going to the pool and have a family picnic and pool party!
We have had some memorable and not so memorable anniversaries. Here are some pictures of us in all our wedded bliss!!
Going to Jon's Prom - getting lost for hours and eating McDonald's instead of a nice restaurant. We stayed at the dance long enough for me to use the bathroom and get pictures then went and watched Mrs. Doubtfire.
Dating - the cows came to Waco and we went around and took pictures with a bunch of them. The moo moo oh the places it has gone!
Year 1 in Africa - redo in America going to a minor league baseball game
This is the trip our lives got changed and we started a 3 year journey for you to become a chaplain in the Army.

Year 2 - needed something to bring a smile to our faces after surviving that year!
Year 3- 5 - multiple jobs, school, lost two babies and great friends but no pictures:( This was pre-blogging and post-scrap-booking I know pictures exist just can't find them this morning
Year 6 - you were deployed
Year 7 - getting ready to start the most amazing trip across the US and Canada - I could no longer call you my dream crusher!!
Year 8 - living life in NC with two kids and going to the pool to celebrate 8 years as a family!


Bert Burt said...

Anniversaries only gets better with years! Nancy and I celebrate our 40th anniversary next week. Best wishes on your 8th anniversary and all the adventures you have shared.

Mandy said...

love the adventures, cheers to many more! Happy Anniversary!

Paul Baterina said...

Amazing! Happy 8th Anniversary! Don't forget the 9th =) as I'm sure it is very meaningful for the both of you! I can't wait when it's my time!