Monday, June 6, 2011

Mission Trip??

We had another Strong Bonds trip this weekend but this time for the married soldiers in Jon's unit. We got to go to a hotel that had a water park on site, 3 pools and the ocean!! Jon has taught from many different books like His Needs Her Needs, 7 habits of Highly effective Families and this time 5 Love Languages. Since I try to blend in until people know who I am I get to hear some fun things the first night of teaching - mainly how excited the wives are to hear about this book and the husbands well they get there:) Throughout the weekend I did get some fun questions like - does the chaplain ever get mad? is he like this at home? This time Jon had me teach on quality time since it is my love language and I must say it is much easier to have an opinion on how things are going when sitting in the back of the room rather than up front talking to 60 people! We had couples that had been married 6 months and others celebrating their 13th anniversary and Jon did an awesome job teaching them all. We offered a sand castle building contest but everyone backed out when they realized one family brought a garden shovel - they are serious beach people! The nice thing about married retreats is childcare (for me) and a date night for everyone! We got to go see the Cir De Sole show and Jon even got called up on stage to dance - which he did and went all out. I had good conversations with some wives and we got to see the soldiers and their families outside of the military were everything is at a crazy pace. It seems like every 3-5 weeks we have gone on a trip and it looks like it will stay that way for awhile. If we just keep looking at it as a mission trip maybe it won't seem like Jon never gets a weekend with just us as a family right?
Our little mermaid. Every time we walked out the door Molly said pool. It didn't help our balcony overlooked the ocean and our front door over looked the pool. I think by the end of the weekend we at least got her to understand the ocean is not a pool - only time will tell though.
Molly giving Jon a pep talk Friday night!
Playing at the ocean
Riley loved it!
The best way to start a retreat off - minute to win it games!! Couples were laughing and having a good time. This is the oreo game were you put it on your head and have to get it in your mouth without using your hands. Some people were very serious.
But never fear a girl won this game!

Junk in your trunk - lots of laughing during this one. You have to bounce ping pong balls out of a tissue box.

The games were how Jon started each session - to break the ice and wake people up and then he dove right into the serious stuff.

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Mandy said...

sounds like you guys are right in your element! what a great mission