Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mr Holder Retired

My high school years were highly impacted by Mr. Holder - the greatest band teacher that ever was. I made some great friends and had some amazing times in those 4 years. We traveled all over for marching band and concert band and were pushed to do our best. This week he conducted his last concert at Lake Braddock and a lot of my friends got to go and be apart of it. In honor of those times here are so pictures that no one said I could share - enjoy!
Every Friday my mom let me have friends over for pizza for the 1 -2 hour break we had between school letting out and us having to get back for marching band on football game nights. But you never knew what was going to happen on trips like the time in Chicago when Courtney let us die her hair from blonde to red!!
Good times! Concerts - graduating - ready to conquer the world!
Our graduation party - we finally didn't have to play p&c for an hour!!
Marching Band - the trombone girls:)
High class ladies!!


Bert Burt said...

Great memories made doing the little things that make up life. There were so many great kids and parents associated with the Lake Braddock Band. I still have my "pit crew" nylon jacket and wear in on some cool morning in the fall. Mr. Holder was a true professional who got the kids to work hard without yelling at them. A rare man - one of life's gems that you grow to appreciate and respect more over time.

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