Thursday, March 3, 2011

Last hospital visit before I-Day!!

Today Molly and I went for our final hospital visit before my induction Monday (barring me going into natural labor before then). We have been going twice a week for over a month for non-stress tests where I get strapped down to a bed and they monitor Riley for at least 20 minutes (sometimes 45/50) and Molly patiently waits playing with books, phones and eating snacks and sometimes not so patiently. After a month you get to know the nurses you are with and today when the nurse looked a Molly and said you want to go with me? Molly walked over to her and started to follow her around. I had stopped strapping her in the stroller b/c she had been staying near me but I was a little shocked at her response. What do you do when you are strapped down and the hopefully trustworthy nurse now has control of your kid? You engage her in conversation so when she picks your kid up you know she won't leave the room!!!
Molly's treat for putting up with countless hours in the hospital the past month was to go to Fascinate-U a childrens museum in town. She played and played and played and then crashed only to get a call from a friend asking if we wanted to meet them at a park so after her nap we met them at the park and she played, came home and played some more outside. She has now taken a bath and put on her Dora pj's (favorite clothing of all time for her) and is on her third pair of shoes tonight.
Tomorrow my parents come into town and Molly and I are super excited to have more people in the house!! If everything goes as planned Jon should get home sometime late Sunday night/ early Monday morning from training just in time to get up at 6am Monday to go to the hospital for the birth of Riley! We will keep you updated:)

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