Monday, February 28, 2011

Debt Free

Oct 2010 during R&R Jon and I decided we would get Financial Peace University for our Christmas present and work on becoming debt free. While Jon was deployed I watched the videos and implemented the principles while either emailing Jon about what was going on or telling him during some of our conversations. We tried to make the big decisions together but most of the day to day stuff like budget were left up to me since Jon wasn't able to spend money. When he got back we were going to do the video series again and this time both make the decisions but with a move only 3 months after he got back we just went with what was working. Once we got to NC and realized we were pregnant we made a plan to try and be debt free before Riley was born. The good thing about moving is you start over again - so we did not get cable when we moved here to save, we cut down our food bills, his parents gave us a truck so we could have a second car and watched our spending. We are cutting it close since Riley is scheduled to be induced next Monday but thanks to a nice tax return we have now paid off the last of what we owed!!!!!! Now onto the next steps of getting a 6 month emergency fund, saving for the girls college and giving more to missions.
Dave says - Live like no one else so later you can live like no one else!
Antioch Community Church says - Live simply so others can simply live!

I know Jon and I are thankful to have been blessed to have grown up with parents that provided us with financial security and wisdom, gone to a church in college that challenged us not to live the "American dream" and had the ability to learn from people like Dave Ramsey on how to use all that God blessed us with to be able live as God has called us to here and now.

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Mandy said...

way to go! way to go!!!!

we are looking forward to being able to join you in this declaration one day!