Friday, February 25, 2011

Molly is 2

Today Molly turned 2!! We had donuts from breakfast, went to the hospital for and ultrasound of Riley and had a Dora adventure party at the playground with Molly's friends from Alaska.
Thanks Aunt Kaitlin for taking my 2 year old photos!!

The goody bags - every adventurer needs their side satchel.
Getting ready to eat
Molly, Alex, Spencer and Will. Each kid went from plate to plate getting their favorite things to eat and Alex brought the juice box for everyone to share. At least they all got along:)
Picnic's are so neat?? Molly has rubbed dirt and ashes in her face I guess to make her fit in with the environment so she is more prepared for the adventure.
The fun thing about family picnics are that the dads spent most of the time playing at the playground with the kids. We ended up not doing the "adventure" part of the party but I think 1 1/2 hours playing at the playground and eating was enough for everyone. It was an adventure party b/c Dora is great for Molly but with 3 boys as her party guest they are more Diego type and so it was a combo party for both!!
Yes Molly is shoveling in a chip while trying to blow out her candle. It was a good thing it was a windy night or we could have been there for awhile.
Molly's present from Jon and I - Dora pajama's. She has started to love Dora and as we drive she says Dora over and over and when she sees anything Dora at the store we hear about her from then on and when she wakes up she wants to watch a Dora - you get the point. Whoever created this character sure did know how to make Molly love her and has done their marketing job well!
We are so blessed to have Molly in our lives and she is an amazingly happy go lucky kid who goes with the flow.


Mandy said...
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Mandy said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! Sending our birthday love to a little beauty!

It is so fun to keep up with this little miracle and watch for news of the next! I know you don't have to be reminded but it is so fun to reflect - this is what we were all dreaming of and crying for about three years ago! God is so good!

Love you guys!