Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fun with spray paint

Since Riley Jean will be joining our family soon we have been working on Molly's new room. We wanted to go with something classic that she could grow up with and really I just wanted anything but pink, purple or really girly so we (ok I) chose RED, WHITE and BLACK!! It is like Olivia the pig or Mickey and Minny Mouse or just a classic look that will hopefully last her and Riley awhile once they start to share a room. We took an old book shelf and during Christmas Jon and his dad refinished it in his dad's shed. Then my parents friends Ken and Kathy had some furniture they needed to get off their hands since they were moving and we gladly took it - really my parents did and drove it to us. A few cans of spray paint, some new knobs and a little love later we have Molly's room finished!!!!!

Molly came out to supervise and had an incident - it is not spray paint on her knee just a beautiful bloody mess.
Molly - letters spray painted black and hung with red ribbon - we are still doing some finishing touches on the "bows"
Bookshelf - was brown and I have had since college refinished red by Jon and his dad
Dresser - given to us by the Jordan's, driven to us by my parents and finished by Jon. It is hard being pregnant and not able to really do much with spray paint just watching and hoping Jon would be home a few days of nice weather before the sun went down. It took 1 month but it is finished!!!
The bed is my bed as a kid- I remember sleeping in it and one day Molly will sleep in it on a regular basis (at least that is what we tell ourselves). In a big kid bed Molly has learned she can get up and roam the house in the night which usually brings her to our room around 4am. One day though she went to where Spencer and Will sleep and laid down outside their room waiting for them to come out - Molly is going to be very sad when our house guests leave us.
AHHHHHHH - The finished dresser!!!!!!!!! I dropped a knob on the way out the store and it busted so once I go to Lowe's again there won't be a missing knob. I can't wait to put Molly's clothes in her so that we can start to get things ready for Riley.

Riley Jean update: I have gestational diabetes again and with that they will be inducing me around March 7th. So in about a month the McPherson's will go from 3 to 4!!

Molly update: We have some friends living with us who have two boys (Will 4 and Spencer 1 1/2) that she has been having a blast with. Each morning the kids run to get other and give hugs and kisses and love each other for at least 2 minutes before Molly might go in for the bite. Molly has been playing with airplanes, blocks, cars, jumping off chairs and then you will catch her loving on her baby doll telling us all to be quiet while she rocks them and puts them to sleep. I love that she is able to adapt and play with the boys but somehow the girly girl in her is still coming out strong.

Ashley update: Gloria and I have realized that having a roommate is pretty great. We rotate who cooks so it is like going out every few nights because you get food that isn't in your normal rotation but it tastes awesome and there is no waiting in lines. Also when one person cooks the other plays with the kids and there is usually at least one dad around for dinner who shares attention with all 3 kids. Also I get a lot of adult conversation which is AWESOME!!!

Jon update: Jon has enjoyed having 3 guys in the house. Today on the way home from church he did state that it is easier with girls than boys but he has gone on some pretty fun adventures with all 3 kids following him around to the moon, grand canyon and other crazy places. He also gets some adult conversation with Troy.

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Stephanie said...

Put a baby gate at the door to Molly's room-- it's the safest thing. We did it for Abby for a while until she got used to her bed and sleeping in it all night. Also-- the dresser looks awesome!!