Tuesday, February 22, 2011

T minus 2 weeks

Well as you can probably tell the camera does not come with us as often so the blog pictures are severely lacking. It used to be a staple in the diaper bag but Molly enjoys taking the camera out and moving it all over the house and I don't think to go and look for it before each trip so now Facebook is how I instantly upload pictures. I will work on remembering but pregnancy brain has been hitting full force along with doctor visits so not much exciting is going on here. Between Molly and myself in the month of Feb we have had over 15 doctor visits (it is the 22nd just so you know) so there has been a lot of waiting and not much adventure. Molly has had a follow up for an ear infection and a second round of ear infections while Riley Jean has brought havoc on my body. After failing my gestational diabetes I had had the privilege of going every Monday and Thursday so they can check her heart rate, my fluids and just have a lovely time waiting around at the hospital with a 2 year old who loves being locked in her stroller. The doctor didn't like my meter readings and put my on a drug to help level out my sugar readings. Two weeks on that with a few headaches, 1 bad crash where I almost passed out driving and still bad readings they doubled my dosage with insulin still being thrown out as a possibility. A week with double dosage hasn't been as bad just the nighttime stink! I woke up a few nights sick to my stomach and wanting to pass out - Jon's response why wouldn't you want to pass out and sleep through the night? Clearly he didn't comprehend my passing out comment at 3am but is much more sympathetic during the normal business hours:) I think my body is starting to figure this medicine out and hopefully the doctor doesn't change things again when we see him this week. Because of GD they have said they will induce so sometime around March 7 Riley should be joining us!! I can't wait for her but mainly a chocolate peanut butter milkshake which I got 3 of the day Molly was born b/c people knew how much I was craving them with her but couldn't have then because of the GD then too. It is worth changing my eating habits for a healthy baby but what I wouldn't give for a chocolate peanut butter milkshake!!!!

President's Day!
One benefit of the military is that if your solider is around for government holiday's and there is no training and no body screws up in their unit your get a 4 day weekend!! With two extra days we were able to cram in some fun family activities and still have a restful weekend. We went to the NC Zoo which is one of the nation's largest natural habitat zoos (IE - Be prepared to walk for hours and hours and hours) the weather was perfect (72 with a light breeze) and Jon was able to carry Molly when she didn't want to ride in the stroller. My body was only slightly sore and swollen at the end but Jon treated us to Olive Garden on the way home so all was forgotten.
Saturday we drove up to Raleigh for the day and hung out with the McP's and Roten's - Molly loves being around her cousin Phoenix and her grandparents. While their Aunt Kaitlin took Molly's 2 year photos - pictures to come at a later date - and we got to go to a mission event held by their church. It was so fun to be around people who were going to the nations and the creative ways they raised money. Jon and I talked about how it reminded us of our ATS days and the great things God did the year we spent seeking his will for our lives and going all over to serve. We had to leave a little early from the event to get back so Jon could prepare for Sunday since he got to preach at Chapel. After chapel we realized there are some things we have been putting off which probably need to be taken care of so as of Sunday Riley now has her come home from the hospital outfit. In case you are wondering when Molly came home Feb 25 in Alaska it was around -20 , for Riley who should be coming home around March 7 it could be in the 70's - that is a 90 degree difference!!
Well little Miss just woke up from her nap and wants attention but I will probably be blogging a lot this week since Molly's b-day is coming up and it is the last few weeks as a family of 3!

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the sealey family said...

wow ashley! i can't even imagine! you are amazing. being preggo just doesn't agree with you! can't wait to hear the news and see pictures of your sweet riley... it's so close! maybe we can see her (and you guys of course!) in may? more on that later! :)