Sunday, March 6, 2011

One Last Project

Earlier this week my neighbors asked if I would like their daughters old rocking chair. I figured why not I am sure I can do something with it. After watching 30 minutes on YouTube about how to reupholster I headed to JoAnn's knowing I would not be doing exactly what they suggested but figured I could figure something out. My friend Tina suggested we use a dark denim so Molly and I bought up the last of a roll of denim (not quite the 2 yards YouTube suggested) knowing I could make it work somehow:) Once I got it home I realized I should have listened and gotten the 2 yards but it was to late then so I thought my mom would be able to help me. She helped me figure out how to get it to fit the chair but the getting it on was another issue. Today Jon got home and I let him help me finish out the project that was all in my head. With the help of 4 people Molly now has her own rocking chair - which is a good thing since her tv chair is going to be Riley's rocking chair soon.
The free chair from our neighbor - so much potential!!! But really I couldn't let Molly have this chair in our living room - it was pink, had writing on it and a few stains which just isn't cute.
Riley and I working on the backside
Jon putting the rockers back on the bottom
Molly and her dad relaxing in their own rocking chairs. Soon Riley and I will be lounging on the couch while they hang out in their chairs!!!!

Check back soon to see when we become a family of 4 living breathing non-sleeping people!!

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