Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sisters - same genes, different results!

So this week we took Molly for her 2 year check up and Riley for her 2 week. I bet you will never guess who is in the 90% and who is in the 2% for weight at their age. The girls both checked out well and it looks like we will have one petite and one healthy girl in this family. We have had some fun adjustments this week as Jon is back at work and Granny is gone but so far we have made it out of the house for one outing each day. We have gone to some story times and PWOC (bible study for military wives). My bible study threw Riley an impromptu baby shower which she loved so much she slept through it - but I loved the food and gifts! Riley got her first bath in a tub today and Molly really enjoyed helping wash her.
Both girls all clean
This is Molly in her first bath.
Riley getting ready for her first bath. Both girl seem to care less about the bath but getting out is a rude awakening!
Molly listening at story time.
On post they have a craft that relates to the book. It was about butterflies and insects so Molly is decorating her sticky ladybug with glitter.

Her first time using scissors - I would say a success but I won't be giving her a pair any time soon to run around the house with.
The finished lady bug. Afterward we went to the park that is right outside the library doors and then to Chick-fil-a for a little bit more play so she would take a nap!!
So much for the nap though I found her out of her bed having a tea party with her cups and the only liquid available at her level - toilet water. I guess I will be shutting the bathroom doors from now on!!

Riley continues to be an easy baby who loves to eat, poop and sleep. She has a few awake hours each day and goes on a feeding frenzy from 7-11 but then sleeps for 6-7 hours.

A book Jon and I got this week we recommend even if we have only read one chapter so far - The Strong Willed Child by Dr. James Dobson. We never new the power of Molly's will until she did not have our undivided attention and lets be honest complete spoiling!!

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Mandy said...

so glad your week with two has gone well, I have thought of you many times.