Sunday, March 13, 2011

The grandparents and Riley's first outing!

This weekend the McPherson's were able to drive down to meet Riley and bring Molly her birthday present (a train/lego table). Molly and Riley have loved having all 4 grandparents in their lives these past few days and I know will go into mourning but luckily we still have another week with Granny to help us out!!! On Sunday we went on our first outing as a family of 4 - to the Morkens!! Molly saw her favorite people in the world - Will and Spencer - and Riley got to meet the Sieg's some of our friends from AK. We had brunch and just played around with 4 kids and 3 grandparents around there was plenty of love to go around.
Molly loving on her sister - she likes to "hold" Riley for about 2.3 seconds
Molly and Grandmommy playing at her new table. Her other grandparents got her a sand/water table so we are now ready indoors and out for some hands on learning.
This is what Riley did most of the visit with the Morkens - snuggle from one person to the next.
Playing in the playroom!
Playing outside - definitely had to have a bath to get the sand out of the hair today!
Molly eating at the kid table with Will. Her first time to sit at a kid table by herself with no help.

Having 2 is a lot of fun so far and doesn't seem that bad but I do have Jon and my mom around along with having had BertBurt, Grandaddy and Grandmommy visit these past few days. I guess when I actually have to do laundry, cook, entertain Molly, do the mundane everyday tasks of life AND take care of Riley it might seem harder. But right now all I do is occasionally feed Riley the other things are magically taken care of (or maybe Granny takes care of a bunch who knows?).

Tomorrow we go for out "48" hour follow up to see how the little lady is doing - oh boy for setting an alarm and trying to get somewhere on time.

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