Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The past few days

We have been just hanging out having fun these past few days. Aunt Kaitlin came down for a photo session of Riley and hung out for the night. Molly and Granny have been doing lots of yard work and playing. Jon has been enjoying time off from work and time on with 4 women in the house. I have been enjoying napping, playing with both girls, talking with my mom and seeing Jon for more than an hour a day.

Riley and her rolls:)
Daddy holding a clean Riley!! After a week the new baby smell was starting to wear off so she got a good sponge bath since her belly button is still a booboo as Molly calls it.
Riley and I hanging out at the park.
Molly and Granny at the park - Molly will now go down most any slide!!
Running up to try and catch daddy on the way to the swings. It was a beautiful day and the temperature went up 8 degrees the one hour we were at the park.
Molly helping Granny rake - don't worry though she was still able to make a call on her cell phone while helping. Molly had to take many breaks to sit on the top step and talk on the phone. Her favorite people to pretend she is talking to are BertBurt and PaPa (her new name for her Grandad McPherson). She rotates between the two of them but if you ask she will let you know which one is on the phone:)
Granny and Molly looking at all their hard work. Too bad that night there was a rain /wind storm and more pine cones fell giving them more work for the next day.

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Natalie Ward said...

Sweet Baby!! Love that first picture!