Friday, March 11, 2011

Introducing Riley Jean

Riley Jean McPherson was born March 8 at 15:38. She is a happy go lucky "little" lady who loves to sleep, eat and go to the bathroom. Riley's sugars crashed like Molly's did but here they rushed Riley to the NICU and kept her there until 2am monitoring her. Jon spent a lot of time in there with her while I recovered from the drugs they ended up giving me which knocked me out. My parents brought Molly by and we all celebrated with me getting my peanut butter milkshake!!! We got to stay 48 hours for sugar monitoring and some potential jaundice issues - I was in tears by hour 46 wanting to go home since it was really going on 60 being stuck in the hospital. So after entering the hospital Monday night we finally got to bring Riley home Thursday night to a home cooked meal, a happy big sister and my own bed and shower!!!!
Riley right before going to the NICU

Jon introducing the sisters
We are going home!!! Riley got to come home in an outfit great-grandma Rumbaugh picked out for her just like Molly did. We couldn't bring them home in the same outfit which was the original plan because of the the temperature difference (it is not quite as cold here as it was in AK).
Molly loving on her sister - Riley is pretty chill and can ignore most of the loving her sister lavishes on her.
Relaxing in the house
Molly with her baby doll - she is a busy being a new mommy also. Her recovery is much faster than mine since she is already shopping, talking on the phone and carrying her baby around.


Mandy said...

so excited for you guys, what a precious new blessing!

Natalie Ward said...

oh that sweet little face... She looks a lot like you ash...

Stephanie said...

I love the picture of Jon with his girls! So sweet. And as tired as you are, remember to cherish this time because it goes by SO quickly! Love you!!