Saturday, June 11, 2016

Last Birthday in Okinawa

We celebrated our last birthday in Okinawa.  Since the packers were coming 3 days after the birthday we got lots of gifts that she was ok with going in the shipment and not seeing for a few months or things we could fold up and  pack in our suitcases.  We kept up the family tradition of balloons, the birthday banner, special plate and choosing your dinner.  She loved the day and was so happy to have lots of friends join us to celebrate her big day! 

everything ready for the birthday girl to wake up!
So excited to open her gifts

She chose pancakes shaped like the letter K for breakfast

Dinner at Genghis Kahn

Lots of friends there to celebrate!

Still not to big to jump in daddy's lap

A walk along the sea wall to get dessert

Ordering her birthday shake and The Shake Shack (yes its a bar but only after 8pm)

Yummy!!! - She might be 4 but we only put up 2 fingers here

Letting us know she is 4
Sharing 2 shakes because that is more than enough!!

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