Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Bucket Lists in Oki

Something great about getting to move all over is that you tend to go crazy and make sure you don't leave one area without hitting everything on your bucket list.  While Jon had to still work Ashley got to meet up with friends all over the island and make sure she and the girls got to do favorites one last time and complete items on the wish list.  We have driven up to Nago and gone to the dolphin show a few times, kayaked, played at the beach and pool and gone zip lining.  I am so thankful for  friends who were willing to help me go outside my comfort zone and those who helped me leave this island with no regrets!!

Kayak and paddle boarding at the Marina

Forrest Adventure - Zip Lining Oki sytle

Getting a safety briefing and then left to go on our own

Harness - the only safety equipment needed

We survived!

Jon's farewell from the Unit Ministry Teams on Oki

Dolphin Show

with friends!

Garden Eels - my favorite

Splash pad - the girls second favorite

Pizza in the Sky

Going to miss our regular hangouts

And there goes our stuff

Tired from all the excitment

Packing day PJ - little things that make the rough things not so bad

Turning the Cube into the Spidymobile

Sleeping under the stairs - and every other room in the house until we PCS

We can't miss the cube now

Playing with friends

The aquarium at the zoo

Pool dates with friends

Jumping into the tube

Relaxing in the pool

Water play dates with the neighbors

Getting taught how to basket weave by Heidi

My basket

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