Saturday, June 11, 2016

A visit from our friend Connie!!

While on this side of the world we have been able to get to see our friends who are also living on this side and it has been so fun to experience life with them.  In April we were able to get one more visit in with Connie before we go back to the states and it was a great time of hanging out, having fun and getting to again sit with her and learn lots of great tips on parenting and loving others well.  I am so thankful for the hours of her life she has poured into me and for her willingness to be open and honest. 
While she was here we did a lot of the regular Okinawa treats - Nails at CoCoK, pictures in photobooths, movies at the beach, funny masks, a sushi making class (where she ate her first sushi) and lots of time at the seawall.

Nails done at CoCoK


Lots of selfies from these two were left on my phone

Movie at the beach

Everybody snuggle up

Photobooths that add lots of make up and change your face shape!

cleansing mask - mine is a dog and hers was snake venom

didn't last much longer than a picture because they smelled so bad!

Sushi making class

Molly was so excited to have a large fan group to watch her Spanish drama

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