Thursday, June 16, 2016

BUNCO, Gymnastics and Goodbyes

The past 3 years I have to was able to be part of a group of ladies that I played bunco with monthly but were major part of our family.  We were at each others birthdays, kids birthdays, helped when we needed cars, dive buddies and just a place were I could bring out my crazy competitive side and get lots of laughs!  Most months we just played bunco and the host provided dinner and dessert but a few months we threw out themes for everyone to dress up.  My last bunco was a wig night and it was so fun - mainly because Chrissy had a ton of wigs and so did the 100 yen store.  Everyone wore a wig for the night and we played and laughed the entire night. 
We finished up our last gymnastics class and brought flowers to our teacher - Coach Carly.  The little 2 loved having her and loved being in different classes so they didn't have to try and compete against each other.
To leave the island we got to go to many good bye parties because it is PCS season and there are a lot of us moving.  My mom had given me a murder mystery kit for Christmas one year and I had been saving it and used it for a party with my friends.  It was a 1950's murder on the grill kit and everyone dressed up and read their parts - had fun and then just hung out.  I am going to miss my island family but I am thankful for the time we had with them.

Red is totally my color

The cotton candy sisters

The bob twins

Flowers for Coach Carly

Balance Beam

The final floor routine

One last trip in the Ferris wheel

1950 greaser

The killer and the detective

Nerd and Barbie

Trying to reenact the murder without too much laughing

100 yen store to the recue!!
Red lipstick, eye makeup and bandana - outfit for $3

Big girl slide - she is tall enough this year!!

She was so happy and went for an hour straight over and over

Swimming with buddies is always more fun than by yourself


McP and McF rocking it

Can't leave without a photobooth - they add makeup and change your eye shape

Coffee date pictures in a photobooth

Many trips to the beach even if just for a few minutes

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