Thursday, June 16, 2016

AWANA Awards Ceremony

In May we celebrated the girls finishing out their AWANA year.  The little 2 finished up their Honey Bee books and memorized around 30 verses and our SPARK finished up her Wing Runner book and memorized close to 50 verses.  I am so proud of how the girls took the time each week to learn the verses and help serve Jon and I by carrying all our supplies in.  Jon finished out the year as our Bible Storyguide - each week he worked hard to bring the Bible to life for the kids.  I finished out my third year of being Commander/Co-Commander of SPARKS and loved getting to watch my kids grow and learn. 

Getting ready for their stage time

Cubbies - singing songs and being cute

Getting her book award

Getting her book award

Jon got a shirt all the kids signed for him

After she got her award - I forgot to ask someone to take pictures while I was presenting to the Sparks

So proud of all their hard work

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