Thursday, June 16, 2016


This year for our anniversary Jon asked for shoes.  Instead of just giving him the shoes I gave them to him with the stipulation he had to run 13 miles in them before our anniversary.  He then asked me to run 13 miles also - at the same time as him but not with him (because we don't run well together).  I agreed and then later that week we decided it would be best for me to run 6.5 miles b/c I don't run 5 miles regularly like him and we both remember the last time I ran long distances there were lots of tears and a possible bad attitude.  Our friends had the girls over for a slumber party because our plan was to get up around 4:30am to run before the sun was out and it was too hot.  After we dropped the girls off we went out to one of our favorite restaurants and ate pizza and pasta and talked about all we liked, didn't like, learned and loved about being married these past 13 years.  4:30AM came early the next morning but we were up and out the door - I even got a running buddy Chrissy to join me.  Jon drove up the road to the Zampa Lighthouse and I drove to the finished line in American Village.  The plan was for Jon to run 13 miles straight and for me to run along the seawall 3 miles out and back.  Chrissy and I got started and the first 3 miles were great but then I remembered why I don't run long distances - I don't like running!!  We laughed, I whined, we ran, we stopped for a bathroom break and then we kept going.  Chrissy reminded me of the many women God has placed in my life to encourage me and challenge me and help me grow.  After our 6.5 miles of running we just kept walking along the sewall watching out for Jon.  One we saw him we walked over to where he was and he and I crossed our finish line together! We got a few pictures and then headed home because we needed to get ready for church since Jon was volunteering.  After church we took the girls to the lighthouse to get Jon's car and decided to climb to the top to see the views.  Lets just say after moving for over 8 miles that morning climbing the stairs up and down was fun. 
So thankful to have 13 years in the books - now to find something fun to commemorate next years anniversary.


4:30am - crazy early but ready to celebrate 13 years


Both finished!! and even in the rain

The top of the lighhouse

The view

The door we all had to climb through

Going back down

Lots of stairs!

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