Saturday, June 11, 2016

Dragon Boat Races

My friend Chrissy was on the Army Ladies Dragon Boat team this year so we made the trip down to Naha to see the races.  Our friends joined us for the adventure and I was very thankful to have another adult help me navigate the streets and the girls loved having someone to help them cheer on the boats. 
The Dragon Boat race is an annual event in Okinawa and there are lots of street vendors and fun little shops set up along the port.  The girls were promised cotton candy if they walked and didn't complain too much and after a few hours in the sun the earned that!!  Chrissy's team did great and came in 5 out of 42 teams.  In the race three teams race down the ocean to a buoy then  turn around and race back to the start/finish line.  We got to cheer on a few races and see our friend and then needed a break from the sun so we headed back to the car with snowcones and cotton candy.
waiting for the Dragon Boat

The crew

Getting a picture with three boats racing behind us

Cotton candy to help make the walk to the car fun!

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