Friday, June 13, 2014

Preschool graduation

Today we celebrated our oldest as she graduated preschool.  Her school is small and there were only 8 in her graduating class and it was very nice.  The school started with them singing their welcome song and then the kids sang us a few songs they practice in music time.  One song they sang in 5 languages - Chinese, French, Spanish, Japanese and English.  I was expecting things in 2 but the 5 surprised me.  As the students were called up one of the teachers got up and read a little something they wrote especially for them.  During this time you could see how much the teachers loved the kids the really took the time to say something specific for each kid and multiple times they had to stop for tears.  One teacher who doesn't speak much English had to have another read his because he couldn't stop crying.  I think it was hard as some of the students were not just graduating but also PCSing - one left the ceremony early to catch his flight to leave.  Seeing how they really spoke individually to each student made me so happy and glad the little 2 still have the rest of their preschool days to finish out here.  Here are some fun pics of the day.
Celebrated a Chili's -her go to restaurant of choice

Celebrating with sisters.

The teachers and pre K class

Yohan Sensei

Keiko Sensei

She passed

Kelly taking a few pictures with her calculator

Singing- I think the tallest and shortest got put next to each other

She chose her outfit and requested "elsa" hair
Notes from a few teachers:
Wer're going to miss you so much.  I remember the first day you came to AI school.  you were nervous cried a lot with Riley.  But now, you made a lot of friends!! I love yours smiling Face and I'm going to miss it.  Please make lots of friends at new school too! Visit us anytime! Keiko  Sensei
Molly -
We'll miss you so much! You are very smart, active and loving young girl.  And you are very nice and take good care of your little sisters. Keep up the good work and have fun at your new school.  Learn a lot and play a lot. Rio Sensei

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