Monday, June 2, 2014

Kelly's first dat at Preschool

Earlier this year we decided to add Kelly to the preschool crew in June so that all 3 sisters were together for a few months before I pull Molly out for Kindergarten.  Today was the first day of school for her and it was full of emotions.  When I tried to get her to pack her blanket in her backpack and it caused a 1 hour meltdown.  The past month she wore the backpack all the time and seemed excited but something about messing with her beloved blanket caused a major problem.  Her sisters were a constant source of encouragement wanting her to succeed.  They "helped" taking her picture and getting her in the car.  Once we pulled up to the preschool she was ready to go.  She threw her backpack on, walked up the stairs and waited while Molly helped her take off her shoes.  She walked in the class without a backwards glance at me and only stood still when her sisters held her down for a picture:)  To celebrate we got ice cream after school and now she is crashed. 
What did I do during my time? I worked out, showered, talked to my parents, went shopping, had a quiet time and looked at my pictures from the morning.  It is amazing all you can do in 3 hours.  In future mornings I plan to scuba dive with friends, have coffee dates and find areas of the island that I have seen in pictures.
2 hours into a nap.  I laid with her a little so we could cuddle and talk - she loved her day!

I got ice cream!

The note in her teacher

You are going to love it!

Wait for me

We are off

Best picture of the morning

This is what I think of preschool and you taking my blanket

I will not take a picture

Ok mom - she is not wanting her picture but you got us at least

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Karlyn Sieg said...

A great blog and great memories!!! It's hard to believe they are so big!! Glad you enjoyed your day and have great plans for the rest of them!!