Saturday, June 21, 2014

Camp McB - Day 1

Day 1 of Camp was AWESOME - or as I heard over and over EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!
Things I am getting used to - Boy humor, a few tears, a little whining, play dough in the carpet and a whole lot of fun. 
This morning those that were awake got to join me for my Saturday morning workout at the track with friends.  They climbed the bleachers, ate snacks, and begged to go home (it was 100% humidity and around 90 degrees)  After that we all played around the house to stay out of the heat.  Tonight Jon got to be apart of a deployed spouse event at the beach so the kids and I headed out with him and hour before he had to make his appearance.  Once we got to the beach all the kids got on their floaties and were off.  They loved playing in the ocean and followed it up with the splash pad.  While at the splash pad I found a table in the shade and we had our picnic dinner there.  At this point one child was down for the count and by the time we got home and showered others were begging to go to bed.  They had to stay up 20 minutes more and have story time - I am hoping with all that they will sleep in beyond 6 am tomorrow!!
Story time - Jon is asking why people are whining.

Its 7pm can we go to bed?

Why aren't you playing with me?

I'm not tired

All the boys are trying to defeat the water - They would yell VICTORY when it would stop

So much fun

Hey guys watch me

Can you spot all 6 kids?? I can

Bounce house time before some mandatory quiet time

The guys changed oil as a learning time

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Bert Burt said...

I can see the start of a new career - daycare overseer! You guys make taking care of 6 look so easy. Hope all the kids are having a good time and everything goes well for your week of Camp McB or is it McP?