Sunday, June 1, 2014

Family Fun

Jon found a fun Pizza restaurant for us to try this weekend.  When you walked in the door I felt like walking into a pizza joint in America except for the corn pizza that is advertised.  It was an all you could eat pizza buffet with some different choices like corn pizza, tuna and something else pizza, taco rice and of course salad with cabbage as the main greens.  Overall it was actually good and the girls enjoyed it so we will probably go again.  Afterwards we toured around and saw a salt factory, got a few geocaches and finished at the facility with salt ice cream.  I thought I ordered one salt ice cream and one with some yuka salt topping.  However I got 2 with the extra salt and well no one really appreciated the extra salt.  To end the day we stopped and got our picture with the sweet potato statue hear our house.
Purple Potato

Salt ice cream

I don't like that

She got the one without extra salt


Exploring and looking at crabs

Riley fell walking up the stairs but I couldn't resist the picture

Family Fun

Take our picture with the pig mom!

They also got to work on the car with Jon

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