Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Ok so I was ready for 1 or 2 rainy days but the next 4 day are supposed to be rainy so I thought we would start it off with a bang.  My girls went to preschool for 3 hours so the others could get a little more one on one attention and I could help do a elementary science project with the boy.  After dropping the McP' s off I took the B's to the Japanese "Home Depot" and got copper wire to help the boy do a science project.  This was a fun thing to get but lucky for me my phone translates and the workers were patient with me and my buddies.  Once we got the wire we needed a lemon so we headed to the San A but they had not received the fruit delivery for the day and only had a few oranges and NO LEMONS!  So on to the last store the commissary where we went in for a quick lemon grab and came home with stuff to make cookies also.  Once we finally got out of the rain with all our stuff I let the girls play with playdough while the boy did his science experiment.  Put a copper wire and steel wire in a lemon then touch it to your tongue to feel the current http://www.energyquest.ca.gov/projects/lemon.html.  He thought it was awesome and did it over and over and over all while laughing. 
After playing around the house we picked up my girls and headed to an indoor play place attached to a food court here.  The kids played there for an hour and then I took the boy to the youth center.  I am sure he was excited to hang out with boy and kids his own age. 
While he was out hanging out at the teen center I pulled out the easel and the girls got to finger paint then color and then there was some more play dough.  It is so funny to hear the volume changes when 1 -3 kids are removed.
Play dough

We are playing school and Molly is the teacher

When can we go outside?  Oh wait its still raining

6 kids in the play place = lots of options of who to play with

This is awesome - "it tingles but not as bad as an apple"

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