Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dating at our house

Jon and I make an effort to try and go on dates monthly and then try and take the girls out one on one on occasion and call it special dates.  There are certain things we don't allow the girls to say and until recently their insult of choice was - your not my best friend.  Well after many talks and explanations that they will be friends and we will not say that to each other they moved on.  Now I hear I'm not going to take you on a date!!  Not that they had dates planned with each other but somehow the statement hits home and one will start crying please take me on a date.  They will then sit next to each other and act happy until one make the other mad and we start the cycle of I'm not taking you on a date again.  Also when we are out and about they start saying don't you love our date. 
Riley and Kelly decided they we on a date on our geocache

"Kelly you are on a date with me"

some were more excited than others
Molly was getting a little time with daddy as he drove to the next spot to pick us up

Found our 200th geocache

Dates in the backyard

I don't like rainy season - the clouds opened up right as everyone was enjoying themselves

Change of command

Molly's special time with me - tending our "garden"

B-day fun at friends

See those helium balloons - we have had a shortage of helium for a year so no balloons.
Jon and I had a blast sharing funny voices!

Is there something on my face?

Praying as a family for national day of prayer

I am totally listening to daddy and doing what he wants

Ready to make prayer boxes

Date night with Jon
At least he doesn't yell he doesn't want to take me on a date

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