Monday, June 23, 2014

More Camp McB

So in the past 2 days we have continued to keep our days full and our nights ASLEEP!  Jon and I decided we if push them to the point of exhaustion each day they will not be able to giggle all night long since they will be too busy sleeping.  This plan seems to be working well.
Sunday was birthday party central - our girls were invited to a My Little Pony party and the mom graciously let me bring our friends while our buddy had his own Mindcraft party.  Even with all the sugar from birthday cakes and candy the kids still were begging to go to bed.  Today was our outside day!  We started out with a 4 hour pool visit with lots of friends followed by a grocery trip.  After this we had "quiet time" and there might have been a moment where the mean me had to make an appearance but after that 3 of the 6 actually slept and 6 of 6 were quiet for 30 min.  Once I had recovered from non stop talk since 6:30 am I let the boy play Lego while the girls were handed chalk and asked to create me anything beautiful.  They each would draw it and tell me all the awesome qualities while sitting in chalk and getting it all over their face.  To end the night we had our weekly dinner with friends and it was so nice to have adult conversation!!  We had fajitas and root beer floats followed by an extra hour at the park to run off the root beer.
The beautiful creations

6 kids at the pool - only able to do this since I had 4 adult friends come also

Probably  the only moment they were all together

My Little Pony Party

Waiting for Cake!!

What it looks like to transport a family of 8

Lunch after church at the USO - Chili's too!!

Heading out the door for church - gave ourselves 30 minutes and it took them all.
Also that morning we had 1 request for Elsa braid, 2 Elsa Buns, 1 Anna braid and pig tails.
Hair only took 30 minutes - at least the boy can comb his own!

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