Saturday, December 29, 2012


Christmas this year my parents were able to come done for a visit.  I thought I would try and be a grown up and make most of the meals and thought why stick with tradition lets try some new things out.  I got most of my ideas off pinterest and a note for future reference DON'T EVER DO THAT!!  Throw in one or two new things not entire meals or you might just be sorry.  Also when you have a great cook who makes all your favorite things better than you, just let them make them for you.  For Christmas we had crockpot oatmeal for breakfast which was more like strawberry fermented goo.  For lunch we had a Mexican fiesta with poorly seasoned fajita meat and not so awesome spanish rice.  Luckily my mom thought things might not turn out so she had a few back up plans like cinnamon rolls and chicken fajita meat just in case.  Also we got to have our friend Eric over since he wasn't able to go home with his family like planned when his laundry decided to overrun his house.  Try getting a contractor to work the night before Christmas eve when you have 2 inches of water all over your second story and pouring down your walls into electrical sockets - but at least his son got to see the firetrucks right??  Don't worry his wife took their sons and went to see family since they had to take out all the walls and floors in their house.  Too bad he beat me in a game I was undefeated in until that day!
The girls got some awesome gifts this year.  We stuck with my favorite tradition of opening up one present Christmas eve.  Christmas morning I didn't know if Molly was going to make it because the first thing she opened in her stocking was hand sanitizer and she went crazy screaming and yelling how happy she was.  She was that way with every present and it was so fun to watch her open them from lipsticks to clothes.  Riley also loved opening the presents and would just grin and smile and then grab a present to give to someone else.  Kelly however was probably most happy just eating the wrapping paper.  I know she ate some since it came out in the diaper. 
This year we asked grandparents to give the girls joint gifts since we really don't need that many toys.  Nene and Papa got them an IPad that they have loved playing mickey mouse clubhouse on.  We are looking for more educational apps for them and I am afraid to leave them alone with it since I have heard horror stories of kids ordering things on Iphones in the app store.  Granny and BertBurt got them a power wheels and they are learning how to drive.  Kelly gets to sit in it when the battery is out. 
Also I stuck with my tradition on not getting the baby a present on their first Christmas, instead they get and ornament and will wait for next year for presents:)
Elf getting to travel the world

Ready for Christmas

Our Jesse Advent Tree - every day the girls would get to put
an ornament on the tree and learn how it related to the
coming of Jesus

still haven't mastered the art of picture taking with 3

Kelly says get me away from them!

opening presents after the Christmas eve candlelight service

Everyone loved the paper - some more than others

Opening presents Christmas morning - I swear Granny and BertBurt
are there I just don't seem to have photo evidence

Learning the art of reversing

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Mandy said...

I'm going to have to remember that joint gift idea for next year! And their haircuts look adorable - great job Mom - you need to teach me :)