Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas tree lighting

All bundled up and enjoying the night
 Tonight was the Christmas tree lighting on post and some of the girls in our children's church had asked we come and watch them preform.  Oh my way to get out the door we had a visitor that delayed us a half and hour.  We had a rental (our new car had one thing that needed to get fixed when we bought it and the part came in today) and I forgot to get my garage door opener out so I was using the house key to get in and out so I left the girls in the car with the door open and was running in to shut the garage.  In my abscence a pit bull decided to take up residence in the front seat of my car.  Lucky for me my neighbor was out playing catch with his dog and when I screamed to please help me get the pit bull out of my car he put his dog away and came straight over to help.  We thought it might be a neighbors dog but instead it was a stray pregnant pit bull who was getting ready to have puppies.  I guess she thought my car would be a great place to have them but wasn't too keen on me getting the girls out.  Praise God they were very calm during the whole experience, I kept asking Molly to keep her legs folded in her car seat because she was closest to the dogs face.  Once I had the help of two neighbor men - one with a bat and the other with sasuage I was able to get the girls out of the car and into the neighbors garage with the moms watching over the kids.  It took awhile to get the dog out and we had one failed attempt that we got the dog out with chicken but she jumped back in before we could close the door.  The second time we got her out we got the door shut and then all backed up giving the dog space.  She decided the garage with all the kids would be her next space and even with 5 adults blocking the path - some more treats later we got her to move on down the street.  I then got some magazines to cover up the blood and headed out to cheer on the girls in my chapel.  After that we met up with some friends to celebrate their daughters 14th birthday.
On a side note, I called animal control and was told that they would come sometime during the night so my neighbors were willing to help me any non violent way to get the dog out.  2 hours later I got the call that animal control was at my house which I had to tell them I had left.  They wanted to know where I had caged the dog - HA I guess they thought I might do their job but I was a little afraid that the angry about to give birth dog might not appreciate me tyring to cage her.

The stray that tried to have puppies in my car

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