Monday, December 17, 2012

2012 Christmas PJ's

Well it is Christmas time and that means a new pair of matching pj's for the family.  This year we went with small candy canes all over - or as Molly calls then candy cans.  I attempted to get some pictures of the girls and well of the 20 I took Kelly is not screaming her head off in 1 of them.  After the family photo we loaded up in the car and went looking at Christmas lights. Saturday we attempted to carol at some friends houses but one was out of town and the other we ended up singing to the babysitter - whoops, so tonight in our pj's we just drove around. 
Molly this year sings non-stop Go Tell it on the Mountain that baby Christ was born.  Also while going through our Jesse Advent devotional as we talked about Jesus coming to clean our sins.  When reviewing with her she gave us the reason Jesus came was so Santa could come visit us.  I guess we have a little more work to do on that one!
Riley just smiles non stop and loves getting to participate in the advent tree.  The odd days she gets to open the present holding the ornament and hang it on the tree and it is so fun to see her get excited about this.
Kelly - well if she is being held or fed is happy otherwise she is prone to break out into spontaneous tears for no real reason.  One thing she really likes is when we are doing our daily devotional we sing He's got the whole world in His hands and then go through with each kids name and she smiles and beats her fists when we sing to her.
The one and only picture where someone is not screaming

Can you feel the love?

Trying to get a happy group shot

What you actually want me to sit next to her?
Don't you see she is still screaming and I didn't do it - promise?
Merry Christmas 2012

They love me, they really do love me!!

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