Saturday, December 22, 2012

Go Big or Go Home

Riley is my favorite middle child!  She does everything big.  We have had her hearing tested because she doesn't really talk much or say the recommended number of words her age.  I am pretty sure this has to do with her laid back way of life and the fact that big sister feels the need to talk on her behalf ALL THE TIME!  At our campout the other night she pulls out a Dora book and points to the word Dora and starts saying it over and over and over.  Jon and I tried to get her to say mommy or daddy but it was either no or Dora.  Tonight she throws her foot in front of me and starts saying off over and over until I take her sock off.  And then 15 minutes ago she walked in the bathroom points at the toilet and starts yelling poop, so I let her do her business on the toilet tonight.  I don't think she was as excited about it once the whole process started but she was happy to get the candy.  This does not mean we are potty training because until I am sure the girl will communicate with me in public I am not prepared for the frustration of messes out and about with 3 kids.  I guess she has decided she will talk - at least at her next doctor appointment I can say she talks!


Bert Burt said...
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Bert Burt said...

Riley travels at her own pace and get there when she feels like it. Her great big smile and zest for life serves her well now and for the future as well.