Friday, December 21, 2012

Movie and a tooth

As part of our staycation we decided to camp.  There was some rain and well we have three small kids so we set the tent up in the living room and watched a movie.  Towards the end of our movie some friends called and their house was being flooded by the second story washer and they had to evacuate because it was coming out of their electrical sockets.  After the fire department came and all the power and water was turned off to their house they came over with their 2 small boys.  We all played for awhile and then sent the kids off to bed.  It is so nice having a "house" upstairs as Molly calls it and getting to have friends come over. 
And another monumental moment - Kelly's first tooth has come through.  It is not her front tooth as she decided it was more fashionable to start with her canine to pop out first.  I tried to get a good picture and well I will post the best.
Movie time!

So glad they let me stay up

Can you see the white??

Yeah not much better - sorry.  It is a hard shot to get the side tooth

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Mandy said...

ouch! that's a rough tooth to start with - at least the others will seem to not hurt so bad. I think the canine were as bad as molars for our girls.