Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Jon has officially finished pre pre ranger and now the pre ranger course. I will give this to Jon's unit and the 82nd - they want to make sure you are fully prepared before sending you off to ranger school. I guess it could be that 50% of the ranger class fails in the first week and they want you to make it past that. Either way we are thankful that this go round he finished and is doing well. Now to get some good family time in before he leaves for Ranger School next year.
Jon met us for lunch at chick-fil-a and was greeted by two very happy little girls to see their daddy. We had planned on me taking the girls to Disney on Ice and Jon staying home with Kelly to get caught up on sleep but the joy of seeing them and Molly asking for him to take them must have been too much because he agreed to go tonight. So after no sleep, a long shower and two meals with the family Jon loaded up on some coffee and took the big two to see the princesses. I think tomorrow will hold a few naps for him and a few errands for me and the girls so he can get more than 3 hours of sleep in a day.

Getting his certificate of completion

The long process of waiting while others congratulate him and the others from his PRC class

Brave man - taking 2 super excited girls to see the Disney princess on ice.
We loaded him up with coffee, this can't be worse than 16 days with no sleep - RIGHT?


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