Monday, November 29, 2010

Phoenix and PJ's

On our drive home from Thanksgiving we got to stop off at the UNC hospital and meet our newest nephew Phoenix Wake Roten weighing 7lb 13 oz and measuring 21.5 inches. I always thought Molly was small until I saw him and now she seems like a giant or at least bigger. The whole McPherson clan was there and it was a nice prelude the Christmas when we will all be together at the cabin. While Molly has always known she had to share her Granny and BertBurt with 8 others she has not had to share Grandmommy and Grandaddy McP and I think it will take some time. Phoenix got the evil eye a few times from Molly when Grandmommy was holding him and Molly got as close as she could to stake her claim.
Jon with Phoenix while Molly looked on with Aunt Jenn.
Molly's thoughts - who is this kid that thinks he can take my place in Grandmommy's arms??
One day I will be able to get pigtails even but until then Molly will just have to keep up her cute smile to compensate.
Molly showing off her new PJ's! This is the one pair that fit the best and she refused to take them off once we tried them on her at 3pm. Jon's were a little snug and since I used the same pattern for myself let's just say with a pregnant belly it is a good thing shirts run long!! But it only took 4 hours of cutting/measuring/going to the internet over and over/sewing to get all three pairs done with a short break to drive and pick up the broken down truck!! I think we might keep up the tradition since we are only out $20 between fabric and elastic and next time I will know to give us all a little extra room in the waist. Once again my 3 years of Monday afternoon sewing with Mrs. Frew our neighbor in VA have paid off.

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Sarah said...

Molly looks so cute in her PJ picture!