Sunday, November 21, 2010

Awesome weekend in Charlotte

This weekend Jon had a single soldier retreat so Molly and I hide in his suitcase and went along - ok we really just hoped in the car and added our clothes to his suitcase. Every few months chaplains get to throw some amazing retreats thanks to Strong Bonds (some government funding) for the soldiers in their unit. Jon rotates between family retreats and single solider to cover all the needs but Molly and I go along either way. Jon and his assistant get to choose where they go and the past two retreats have been in Charlotte. He gave the soldiers a free afternoon Saturday so we went to Discovery Place and we had a BLAST!! Afterward we went to Dish a restaurant featured in Diner, Drive-in's and Dives and had some amazing food. Once we did all that we went back to the hotel for Molly to crash. The one reoccurring theme in his soldiers wanted was more training time which surprised us both but I guess they really do want to be people of character and wanted all they could get on it.
Molly singing with the wiggles the night before we left.
Pretty happy to be going somewhere with daddy since he was a training all morning.
The toddler section which Molly LOVED!! Water, blocks and toys who could ask for more?
The ramp that Molly claimed as her own. We had to work on sharing when other kids wanted to use it. I think she wanted to charge them for being on her ramp and getting her in trouble. She got a little better at sharing - but not much, at least not this one toy.
Look at the water dad - this was before she threw a bucket down the front of herself. They did have water aprons to wear but daddy didn't think it was necessary. (Molly was the only kid without one)
Upstairs in the big kid area - we were listening to a demo on neon lights. The lady asked how many kids watched CSI and not many kids raised their hands - Jon thought it was ridiculous to ask that question of kids. Then she asked about ChuckECheese where they use black lights and most every kid raised their hand - Molly saw this and raised both her hands. They best part was the ROYGBIV song and Molly busting out in dance moves that rival Dancing with the Stars. As you can see in the picture she did not want to sit with us she chose a bench in the front by herself.
The Air Chair - Jon pushed the buttons and air lifted them up a few feet. Molly was somewhat impressed.
Me laying on a bed of nails - not something I would want to sleep on but ok for a once in a lifetime experience.
Taking a break for a snack before going back for more.
Molly on the go again - we all had so much fun laughing and doing hands on things.
There are no pictures of dinner because we were right at the breaking point so we ate and got back to the hotel as fast as possible (with a few geocaches along the way) so Molly could take a nap at 6pm. The great thing about a single soldier retreat is that Molly and I get to sleep in as late as we want not having to worry about eating breakfast early so I can get her to childcare and be apart of the teaching with married couples.
I can't wait until the next retreat!! Only one more until things get a little crazy for us before Baby Girl McP joins us.

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