Saturday, November 27, 2010


Thanksgiving this year Jon, Molly and I got in the car Wednesday and drove up to MD to visit my parents. We realized a few hours into the drive his parents were driving down I-95 at the same time we were driving up, thanks to the droid we found a middle exit with food and stopped at exit 92 for a Wendy's dinner with his parents and sister Jenn on their way to have Thanksgiving with his other sister Kaitlin. Molly loved seeing her grandparents and aunt and she was so glad to be out of her carseat that she was nonstop entertainment having us all laughing as she danced and wiggled. We hit the road after dinner and finished the drive to my parents and Molly once again was in full spoil me form with my dad. Granny didn't get to see her because she is in Tennessee with my grandfather who has been having some bad days but we are thankful for all that she left us with. She had gone shopping so we had all the food we could ever imagine even if we had to split responibilites between Jon, Molly, my dad and myself. We were all assigned dishes to make our Thanksgiving feast and they turned out - the only person with a problem was me and the deviled eggs. We did not prepare everything my mom had bought for us but we did manage to get 7 dished on the table for 3 adults and 1 kid. Later that night we had our friends the Williams stop by for a dessert break on their drive home and we got some homemade cheescake and reesecup brownies. We have been playing games, watching football and having a good time. On our way home today we will get to meet our newest nephew Phoenix Wake Roten born yesterday to Katilin and Thomas!!

Attempt one at hard boiled - they were more soft boiled and could not be salvaged. Attempt two was much better!
Molly helping BertBurt with the chocolate dessert. She unwrapped the chocolate for him.
Molly showing BertBurt how to work the microwave.
Not too bad but not as good as if Granny was with us!
Our Thanksgiving Feast! Molly crashed watching the Auburn/Alabama game while her mom was beating BertBurt and her dad in a few games of Settler's of Catan.

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