Friday, November 19, 2010

Finally getting there

*Note - I did not take pictures this week so it is just all words.

So we have lived here since July and I think we are starting to finally get to where NC feels a little like home. Molly and I finally had a lunch date with another lady and hung out and talked for 2 hours. We went to a cabin with some people who are now our friends in Boone, NC and this past week Jon and I took over the children's ministry at the chapel we are attending.
Now to expand
Lunch with my friend - so Jon and I have tried to go to some random places and two of the times the restaurants no longer existed. So when I picked up Migdalia I asked what she liked and she said Italian. After a facebook survey taken earlier I said I think Luigi's sounds Italian - want to try? So I blindly drove her to a restaurant I hoped was open and that 3 friends had not lied about and that it was Italian just because of its name. We were both pleasantly surprised - it was Italian, the lunch menu was reasonable and the food was AMAZING! Now to try the other suggestions given on facebook.
Cabin Trip - We had another chaplain couple over for games one weekend and they asked us if we wanted to go to Boone during the next long weekend. We agreed having really only spent 2 hours with these people. We got there to the 6,000 sq foot cabin to meet our friends and then some more of their friends. It was like 60 hours of non-stop fun, laughing and just hanging out. Molly was the only kid but no one seemed to mind since she would just smile and run from the boys. We hiked which made me think of all our great times in Alaska with friends, we geocached which made me think of our great times in Waco with friends (and the not so great chigger time) and we played hours of games every night which made me happy since I won a few!! Molly now has a favorite person in NC - at the chaplain hail and farewell last night Molly refused to be with Jon or I she only wanted to be in Lauren's arms or standing right next to her.
Children's Ministry - this should be a fun group of kids to work with. There are already around 40 who attend regularly and there are even 15 volunteers who rotate so we are getting to work along side people who love children and are already committed! It is nice to have a place to serve as a family again.

Can't wait to update the blog with pictures of our weekend!!

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