Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Devo times with a 21 month old

Molly and I attempt to have Bible/devo time with some days better than others. I found some sticker coloring books and we have read those and done the activities. Today she brought me her Bible so we read the story she found flipping through the pages. As we were reading about Moses taking the people to the promised land Molly jumped off my lap ran and got her nerf gun and came back pointing it at pharaoh while we talked about crossing the red sea. I guess she wanted to be a guard??

All this to say I am super excited about what we are going to do for advent this year. A lady in my bible study told us about Jesse Advent Tree and we did an ornament exchange Monday. Each ornament tells of the story of salvation throughout the bible. When you put the ornament up you read the devo, scripture and sing a song. So in 25 days Molly will have had 25 stories in the Bible that tell of Jesus coming and what that means for us. I am excited to have structure, activities to do each day and something daily to remind me what a blessing it is that Jesus stepped off his throne in heaven and came to earth as a baby walked earth without ever sinning and then died and rose so one day we can join him in heaven!!
Now the hard part waiting until Jon is home each day to do the devo - I am no patient but I really want this to be a family thing so I guess I will have to be!!

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Natalie Ward said...

Wow... this is an incredible idea!!