Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Molly's BIG weekend

This weekend Granny and BertBurt came and delivered Molly's big girl bed. This is the bed I got when we lived in Nebraska - so it has been around since before I was in 3rd grade. I always loved my trundle bed and the fact that I had to jump to get up on it - should be interesting with a 2 year old though. While they were here we played games, went to restaurants with TV's so Jon and my dad could watch a little football, de-liced Molly and the house and got the battery in my parents car replaced.
Molly on the bed - I think she will start out on the bottom but Jon and I are still discussing that. My mom hopes that nesting hits soon b/c the room needs a little work to be ready for Molly once her sister takes over the crib.
Molly on the move
You can't catch me and my Head/Balthrop Belly. She may weigh next to nothing but she still manages to have the big gut that sticks out.
Granny let me help you vacuum those stairs - I think you missed a spot.
See mom this is how it works - do Granny and I have to show you everything?
While BertBurt was tasked to clean the fans Molly thought she would hold the ladder down for him. She also had some advice for him on how to clean.
On our way to Chapel. Another great thing about parents coming is that we were able to use them as babysitters for an Army event we had to go to Saturday night so Molly could be at home with people she knew and loved.
Taking a Saturday afternoon nap after the mall and a bad morning of lice removal.
Two monkeys picking at Molly while Jon tried to stay out of the way and not get any on him.
The start of a long 2 hour process to remove lice - get to repeat the process this Saturday and then hopefully never ever again!!!!!!

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Sarah said...

Yea, lice. Getting rid of them is the best cleaning experience ever! I remember when my brother got them... Gross.

I hope she never has them again, too.