Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Playtime with dad

Today Jon only had to work a half day and since he came home after nap time he got hired to help take down Christmas decorations. To be fair the boxes were all in the attic and I can't really maneuver very well on a plank ducking through beams and carrying boxes so we waited for him. After getting all the decorations packed up he and Molly headed upstairs to put the totes up. As I was cleaning up I hear them having a lot of fun upstairs so went up to see what was going on and this is what they had created.
The Palace of Power.
This was Jon's first name for their fort, I guess I laughed a little too much because then it became - Molly's Mansion of Mayhem. Also some laughter on my part followed by Jon letting me know if Molly were a comic book character her name would be Destructo and this would be
Destructo and her get away car
Don't let the cute smile fool you she is capable of destroying a perfectly clean room in a matter of minutes. She can also knock down the walls to this palace in a second.
Since they had a den we decided to have a fight with some of the toys laying around. My protection was the cozy coup while Molly and Jon attacked from the fort. We did good for a long time then I managed to hit her hand with a hard block which brought about crying. But this did bring about my favorite statement of all times to date - Momma bad (with tears) while I was trying to apologize for hurting her. Granted my apology came with a few giggles because she was so funny about the whole thing.
Just a fun shot from our morning time. Molly and played in the snow and when we came in she took off her socks and pants and would have probably taken off her shirt except it was a onesie. Don't worry though she kept on her hat to keep her warm (for 2 hours)!

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