Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow/Sledding NC style

While driving home from Christmas we heard reports of 6 inches of snow at our house and were super excited. Last night we got home and yes there was snow and I guess it might have even been 6 inches but it really seemed like nothing after the last two years. Not knowing if it would even make it until morning Molly and I dashed out of the car and grabbed the sled. We did a few rounds down the front of the house and even got Jon to join us after he finished unloading the car. Then I did what any person who loves a good sled day does - I researched best sledding hills in Fayetteville. Google is not as smart as I once thought though because after I had a few places listed and was super excited for the morning when could hit the slopes I realized it was giving me sledding hills in Fayetteville ARKANSAS. Seriously the search engine should know I wanted ones where I live not in another state so after a refined search I found the only hill in the whole area. After being spoiled by the hills in Alaska only finding one in the entire area was a little sad but we still bundled up today and hit the road to go to Rowan park and went sledding with about 30 others. Molly loved it, especially since she didn't have to walk up the hill and only cried when we made her leave after 1 1/2 hours of sledding. I am thankful for at least the one hill because it was a lot of fun for our family - we were some of the only ones with real sleds and snow gear. We did lend out a sled to one family who brought the top of their turtle sandbox for the boys to sled down - we were offered "top dollar" if we would sell but I couldn't part with it so they settled for borrowing it for awhile.

Molly happy to be home with her moose after a nice sled ride!
Sledding in our front yard!! When I saw we dashed out of the car I really meant it the only thing we had on besides our regular clothes was hats!
Rowan Park the best sledding place in Fayetteville, NC.
Bundled up and ready to go!!!!
Molly and I after I drug her up the hill. One good thing about a small hill - I could climb it a lot more. I don't know if I could have hiked to the top of Dyea more than once. Riley is making it very difficult to breath these days so she and I sat at the top of the hill a few times while Molly and Jon went down.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and if you got some snow you played in it!!!


Mandy said...

don't think we'll be seeing snow but it sure looks fun!!

Jess said...

We've been trying to find the big hill you're talking about and can't seem to find it. Please help! Thanks -- jessica