Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jon's Christmas

Jon's Christmas as told by Ashley.
I have learned one thing this year - - I can delegate. I came up with the brilliant idea of putting together a 4.25 Holiday Fun Run and then realized all the crazy details that go into putting one of these on. I first went to the always accurate internet as my source of knowledge and printed off a 10 page list of things to do to put together a race. After a quick glance I then went to a soldier in my battalion who in her former life helped put on big events and another soldier who in his former life helped put on runs. I then delegated most everything to them. I also delegated Ashley to get me a few essentials that can not be found over here (like 300 safety pins and 20 shirts for prizes). With "Santa's helpers" I was able to come up with a team of people and put on a race for over 100 soldiers December 25th. It was a nice distraction as we all missed our families on this day.
Why 4.25 miles you ask? Because I am part of the 4 Brigade Combat Team (Airborne) 25 Infantry Division otherwise known as the 4/25th.
Here are some pictures of the event - some runners came dressed up even!
The t-shirt design by our awesome friend at nwarddesigns
Runners lining up for the start of the race.

Down the straight away

I think the guy in the grey Army running suit with the Santa hat is Jon but I am not sure. I really got these pictures off of the facebook page from Sparta Lives but by the look of the stance it might be him. I know I should know my husband at a glance but give me a break it has been a long time and Army guys in uniform tend to look - WELL - uniform - what gives?

Back to Ashley:
Jon seemed glad to do the race and there were a few hiccups on race day but in general for his first race to put on he did awesome and he now appreciates a whole lot the details that go into making race day a great experience for all involved. He can't wait to come home and participate in his next race (and probably never be in charge of one again)!

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Connie Dunn said...

I don't understand why he didn't put on a flag football tournament?