Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Jon comes home next month !!! It will be toward the end but he might actually make it home for Molly's b-day.
We have been having fun hanging out with friends and ice skating with the kids from chapel. I have learned a very valuable lesson - I am no longer a teenager and falling hurts. I remember the pool parties The Journey would have and we did best fall into the pool so I thought it would be fun to have a best fall on the ice with my chapel kids. BIG MISTAKE. I also attempted to race kids on ice who are hockey players and ice skaters (who practice hours and hours) needless to say I was beat badly. They can skate faster backwards than I can forward and I only had to skate 1/2 the distance. But it was fun to get some outside time with them all. Luckily for me Jon had given me a gift certificate to get a massage for our anniversary (many months ago) and I finally used it after ice skating. I am glad I saved/put it off this long. My first massage and I think I actually enjoy them.
Now onto the main event - pictures of Molly.
Some people requested a new hair do so without further ado - here is my attempt.

Molly right after I finished giving her braided pigtails.
By the end of the day the pigtails no longer stood on end - we had to keep putting on her hat when we went outside.
The next morning.
Molly got her new car seat. She looks so little in it but she looked so big in her old infant seat.
Some babies carry around blankets, toys, dolls - not Molly she carries around a spoon. I took this one away at some point and she had another one by the end of the afternoon. I guess it is her comfort knowing she can eat whenever and where ever.


Tressa said...

She is a CUTIE! Praying the count down will go quickly for everyone! Cant wait to see reunion pictures! Love you guys!

N.Ward.Designs said...

So exciting... HE's coming Home!!... Soon. I'm so excited for you!! Love that molly loves to carry a spoon!!

Mandy said...

the hair the day after made me crack up more than the braids sticking up :)! Also funny when you said ice skating was spending time outside I thought - what? then remembered oh yeah you live in Alaska! On a more serious note I am so thankful Jon will be home next month, though I know no one is as excited as you!