Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome home 4-25 soliders!

The flights have started coming in - the 4-25 are on there way home which means Jon should be here sometime next month. Molly and I went with some other friends to the second home ceremony yesterday. The poor soldiers on this flight were delayed 4 days b/c of the weather and other circumstances. I hope that doesn't happen when Jon comes home I can't imagine thinking he was coming and then constantly pushing it back by 12 hours here and 3 hours there. It was the fastest ceremony I have ever been to - the guy talked maybe 2 minutes and the chaplain's prayer was short and sweet and then the families were allowed to rush the gym and see their family. It was a little sad b/c when the soldiers came in and the kids saw their parents they had to wait in the stands (some did not understand that and tried to run into the formation - a few tears later they understood). Here are some pictures of what it looks like since I know when Jon comes the last thing from my mind will be taking silly pictures I will want to be with the kids trying to break the rules and run to see him.

Molly cheering with Tina for the soldiers - she loves clapping now and this was a great occasion to do it a lot. This is the above head clap!
Notice the soldiers coming in the back door - they had to drop off their bags and get in formation for a few words and then the mass chaos of seeing family for the first time in a long time!
4 rows of duffel bags that they will have to go through to get there luggage - I was scared this would take forever. People greeted their soldiers, had their bags and were out of there within 15 minutes - I can only hope it is that fast for us!!

Molly moment:
I couldn't resist this picture moment. Molly needed to get in her toy basket to play with everything. The bow was put in a few minutes prior to the picture to keep her bangs out of her face - it is her valentine's day bow.

Soon and very soon there will be a strange man named Jon who will reappear in our pictures and make it back in the blog!!!

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walkers said...

hey girl. so excited for you to have your guy home so soon! your girl is a punkin!