Saturday, January 16, 2010

Busted Lip

It is official - Molly busted her lip for the first time.
I was playing games with some friends and Molly was pulling her self up on the chair and managed to smack her lip on the chair and get a bloody lip. There were a few tears shed but as you can see from the above photo evidence it didn't effect her too long.
Here is my welcome home sign for Jon. I love creative neighbors whose ideas I can use!! One friend has a Happy Birthday sign and some other friends made Merry Christmas so I thought why not welcome home?? The sign will go away until the day Jon comes home and then it will probably be hanging for a long time!!
You might be wondering why the jumparoo is in the entry way? This is the only way I can make sure Molly doesn't go all over the house while I shovel snow. I can't wait until Jon is home and he can either watch Molly OR go shovel the snow:)

My next project is a Happy Birthday sign before Feb 25 (Molly's big day!!)

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