Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pajama Party

Molly has now attended her first pajama party and she loved it. Her friend Joelle turned 2 and her mom threw an awesome party for her. The kids ate chocolate chip pancakes (with sausage and fruit) for dinner/ cake and then opened presents. This was followed by the older kids running in circles while Molly longing watched and tried to get in on the action. Beth then did her family's bedtime routine so she read them a book, had them all pray with her and watched a short video. It is amazing the power TV has over kids of all ages.
Molly eating her dinner at the kid table all by herself.

Can't believe I can leave her and she will eat her food and drink her cup but I can!! However when she was done she decided to dump the rest of her plate on the floor - one day she will be able to communicate with me (and hopefully will).
Present time.
Story time.
Video time - look who is front and center. I am sure she is wondering what is on TV, the only time she is sat down in front of it she watches videos Jon made for her.

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