Wednesday, December 16, 2009

17 inches of snow in 48 hours

No doubt about it - we will be having a white Christmas this year in Alaska. In the past 2 days I have shoveled the driveway 4 times with my happy helper. With the crazy amount of snow coming I made a grocery run yesterday just in case things got really bad. Well with the cell phone tower down today(no service at all) and lots of snow Molly and I spent the day at home cooking and playing. Molly got a Christmas present yesterday and I didn't realize until I had opened the box so I just pulled the whole thing out and she has been playing with her fisher-price SUPERSTAR station for hours. She loves singing in the mic and playing the tambourine.
Molly supervising the snow shoveling process
Molly in front of the house so you can see really how much snow there was. Notice the snow is all the way to the porch - it is finally starting to slow down.
With a few functions coming up I decided to get all the cooking out of the way today! I made 2 batches of soup (tomato basil and taco), a loaf of cranberry bread, new hot chocolate and 5 dozen cookies. Molly and I should be good for a few days now!

Molly with her newest toy.

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the sealey family said...

you are turning into quite the cook! i'm sure jon can't wait to get home to all of this good food you are learning to cook!

could you send maybe just an inch or two of snow to portland at christmas, please?!