Monday, December 28, 2009


Molly enjoyed her first Christmas. She got a ton of presents and tried for 5 days to open some of the presents and after hours of failed attempts she did pretty good playing with the boxes once I got all the paper off.
Christmas this year was a tad anticlimactic for me - while it was Molly's first Jon was not here to be apart of it. So really I just wanted it over with because that means we are one day closer to Jon coming home. Don't get me wrong I am thankful that we celebrate Jesus birth but I spent many hours pondering on the fact we give each other presents on his birthday. Is this what he would want us to do? If he came back today what would he think of the way we celebrate his birth? In the end I didn't want to be a scrouge (or cheapskate) so I did get some presents for others but was just not that into it this year.
I am anxiously awaiting New Year's though because that means we will finally be in 2010 which means JON COMES HOME!!! Some of the soldiers in the battalion get home in less than 2 weeks - Jon is more around 8 weeks - I can't wait to see them start coming home. I am waiting for the plane to arrive and getting to meet him and bring him home no matter what time (but it would be nice if it was between 7am-11pm). Now I just have to make sure the house is clean and shelves stocked - but I am sure anything is better than a plywood house with the same food everyday.
Now onto what everyone really wants to see: Molly

Christmas Eve - playing with the box as I put together the toy. See the video below to see how much she loves it:)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Molly and her friend - she is showing him how to sit on his knees and steal others toys.It's the grab and roll. Once you have the toy you must roll away from your friend so you don't have to share. Leave them with the rings (which as so last week).

Let me start by saying this was our 3rd attempt and on a previous attempt she fell back and brought the whole walker system down on her face. As of today she enjoys it a little more but prefers it in the non-walker state.

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