Saturday, December 12, 2009


Molly has gone on her first snowshoeing adventure. Ashley our friend said the trail we would be going on you don't necessarily need snowshoes so I stuck with my regular boots but Molly got moved around and rode on Ashley's back for awhile so she did actually get to snowshoe.

Molly and Ashley leaving me in their snow dust
We made it to Thunderbird Falls a nice 1 mile hike. Molly has new snow gear after this hike - if you notice her feet actually have gloves on them and by the end her face had Valerie's scarf. She now has an all inclusive down feather snowsuit that closes in on the hands and feet so now more trying to get her into her snow bibs (YEAH) and her hands and feet will be more protected.
Valerie (aka Storm) she is not graying at a young age her hair actually has ice crystals from breathing on the hike. 2 degrees is pretty cold but with the right gear totally doable.
Getting ready to start our hike after we enjoyed the 20 minutes of sunlight at Ashley's.
Valerie also had some gear issues - her snowshoes got stuck in an uphill position so she was walking on her tiptoes most of the hike.

Molly has now learned how to stand up in her bed - I found this out this afternoon when I came in to get her up from her nap and she was standing there smiling at me. I am really glad I lowered the bed when I did. Hopefully she will hold off marathon running until Jon gets home.

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