Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Molly is mobile

Molly has been doing the worm (her version of a crawl) and has now added pulling her self up and getting into all sorts of mischief. Below is pictorial evidence.

I knew things were too quiet in the study Sunday morning. I didn't even need to buy "Your baby can read" off the TV Molly is clearly advanced for her age and is reading all types of books.
We saw Santa and his reindeer. Pretty cool in Alaska they actually have the reindeer attached to the sled - I didn't want to wait in line to get her picture in his lap we did that inside out of the cold.

This is reason #15 why we usually wear cloth diapers. They are bulkier and help keep her pants on. She has wormed her way out of her pants b/c I had in her a disposable diaper which clearly don't hold the pants on for her.
First notice she is standing attempting to open her presents and Second the bruise on her head. If I were in 9th grade I could do a science fair project on the correlation of the number of bruises and the amount of time a child has conquered a new feat (such has being able to get up by them self). She has spent at least and hour on that one package and hasn't made any real progress Christmas day could be real fun for us all.
And last but not least - she doesn't get her picture taken often does she?? I said smile and this is what I got:)

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Tara said...

That last picture is cracking me up!! Hope ya'll have a Merry Christmas!!